Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Recipe #21: Grilled Ciabatta with truffle paste & extra virgin olive oil

So I wasn't intending to blog this; in fact, I wasn't hungry, nor was I in the mood to cook today. I rummaged my fridge and found half a loaf of par baked Ciabatta bread and an almost-empty bottle of truffle paste. What could I do with them?

Well, the result of my experiment was so surprising that I decided to include it here. Even though it isn't really weird, it is so simple and delightful I don't know why it hasn't been done already (perhaps it has, but I haven't seen anyone do it this way).

  • Par baked Ciabatta bread
  • Truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil or concentrated truffle oil
  • Truffle paste

Slice Ciabatta loaf into diagonal pieces (like bruschettas).
Dip in truffle-infused olive oil or concentrated truffle oil.
Place slices on a grilling pan. Grill until golden. Then turn over and grill other side.
Remove from pan, then spread a little truffle paste.

To Serve
This makes an excellent base for bruschettas or enjoy on its own as an appetizer. I simply had mine with organic burgers (yes, they were delightful) and a love red Rhone.


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