Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Hundred Quick & Easy Gourmet Recipes

I love food. And I love to eat.

But I am not a professional cook, have had no training in cooking, and rarely consult recipe books. So it is kind of ironic for me to be writing this.

I do love to experiment. Which is exactly what this blog is about: my experiments in making home-cooked "gourmet" meals which are simple enough for anyone to cook with little preparation.

Ingredients will mostly be very basic (some may be a little "exotic" depending on where you live) and easy to prepare; all you'll need is a basic stove/oven, a few pots/fry-pans, and simple utensils.

My goal: A hundred recipes.

Next> Recipe #1: Barramundi pan-fried in butter topped with garlic chili mushroom sauce over a bed of pasta

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  1. Look forwards to reading your stuff oh strange one

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